Apply to Bounce My Big Idea and test the potential of your tech idea with the support of seasoned entrepreneur coaches.


Our youth education and adult training programs are accessible and affordable for all, designed to provide skills training, real-work experience, and wraparound support to those participating from our Youth Coding League to our Full-Stack Web Developer Program.

Fueling tech entrepreneurship in Southern missouri

Our tech startup programs and services provide comprehensive support, from accelerating tech product ideas to fostering the growth of a startup.

Early-Stage Business Boot Camp

Discover best practices, talk through real-life examples and learn about valuable local resources designed to help small businesses grow.

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Our nationally recognized programs and services help individuals and businesses grow into their potential.

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BOUNCE your idea off of proven tools and assessments before you invest time and resources into the wrong thing.

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Unlock new opportunities for your small business by applying for additional resources.

Start a New Career in Tech

The Code Labs Program is accessible and affordable for all, providing scholarships to everyone admitted.

Add Youth Coding League to Your Community

Help prepare the next generation for a technology-driven future.

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Help us close funding gaps and provide more resources to entrepreneurs in our region.

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Supported by over 100 leading businesses, colleges and universities, community organizations and stakeholders.
We are a collaborative network of businesses and organizations who work together for greater impact. We connect workers to training, entrepreneurs to resources, and employers to talent—all to drive regional growth and prosperity. The Southern Missouri Innovation Network transforms communities in the southernmost 47 counties in Missouri by unlocking the full potential of entrepreneurship and innovation.

Current Investment & Expected Economic Impact

Below are the current investments in our programs and the expected outcomes and impact they will generate.

Business Development

Initial Total Investment

$4.16M federal and state competitive grants
$6.41M local match investment

Workforce Development

Initial Total Investment

$3.00M federal and state competitive grants
$3.2M local match investment