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Our startup pipeline consists of three cohort-based workshops run by experienced entrepreneurs and coaches.

A Workshop for Every Stage

Each workshop is strategically positioned to maximize the potential for learning, growth, and different stages of funding. And we will help startups overcome well-known roadblocks by providing development and professional services along the way. The first step in your journey is to apply for our 120-Day Startup Program. Applications are accepted throughout the year.

Workshop Programs

Fast-Track Your Tech Product

Our 120-Day Startup program combines the first three workshops in our stage-based roadmap into one intensive program. We teach a systems-based approach to test viability and establish demand. We will show you how to drive customer interest into your tech product or service before you have to build it. Individuals and teams with ideas for a software-based or enhanced product with high-growth potential who are located in southern Missouri are eligible to participate.


  • 100% virtual with scheduled evening activities
  • 8 workshops, 2 hours each
  • Learn by doing & build a prototype
  • Feedback from experienced coaches
  • Team discussions & private forums


  • A business model blueprint and traction roadmap for key milestones and validation.
  • An identified opportunity worth pursuing and a clear understanding of customers needs (and wants).
  • A working prototype and a knowledge of the smallest thing to deliver value to customers (MVP).
  • Sufficient tangible commitments (registrations, subscriptions) from customers.
  • The knowledge to be able to make an evidence-based go/no-go decision to move forward on the idea.

Compete for $100K Pre-Seed Funding

Successful participants will compete for $100K pre-seed SAFE note investments from a regional fund, co-investment from state and other funds, and be admitted to the Pre-Accelerator Program.

Stand Up Your Company and MVP

The Pre-Accelerator provides focused coaching and an innovative set of structured no-cost services to support the successful formation, launch, and traction of promising tech startups. Entrepreneurs who successfully complete the 120-Day Startup Program and receive pre-seed investments from the network's regional fund (or other similar programs) will be eligible to complete the pre-accelerator. During the pre-accelerator, we will help you set up your business and build and launch a minimum viable product. Additionally, the pre-accelerator will teach you how to generate leads, close sales, acquire customers, and pitch investors for pre-seed and seed funding.

During The Pre-Accelerator, You Can Expect:

Formation, Launch And Management
  • C-Corp registration & organization
  • Board selection & management
  • Capitalization & financial organization 
  • Financial management & systems
  • Traction plan & management
Product Development And Launch
  • Assigned software development team
  • Prototype to MVP  project management
  • Testing & user engagement
  • Rollout strategies & implementation
Customer Acquisition And Revenue
  • Prospecting strategies & systems
  • Lead generation & management
  • Traction roadmap to $100k ARR
  • Closing sales & funnel management
Pre-seed and Seed Funding
  • Traction road map & round strategy
  • Data room & pitch decks
  • Friends, family, and angels prospecting
  • Pitching & round management

How the Pre-Accelerator Works:

Grow Your Business

In the 6-month Accelerator program, we will help companies who successfully complete our Pre-accelerator (or similar program and traction) expand their customer and sales growth. At the end of the 6-month Accelerator, you will have a complete picture of the requirements for the success of your startup as it continues to grow. We provide critical coaching on how to plan for the internal growth of your staff and business and work with you to create a product roadmap that will continue to produce more customers and revenue. Entrepreneurs who successfully complete the Pre-Accelerator and receive pre-seed or seed investments from the network's regional fund will be required to complete the 6-month Accelerator.

During The Accelerator, You Can Expect:

Talent Attraction and Management
  • Staffing & organizational planning
  • Prospecting & recruiting
  • Culture & Person environment fit
  • Co-founders & stock options
Product Development Roadmap
  • Customer-driven product development
  • Feature & function evaluation
  • Development roadmap management
  • Internal/external development
Customer and Revenue Growth
  • Traction roadmap to $100K ARR 
  • Lead generation & management
  • Closing sales & revenue traction
  • Get, keep, & grow funnel management
Venture Funding
  • Traction road map & round strategy
  • Data room & pitch decks
  • Firm, fund & investor prospecting
  • Pitching & round management

Accelerator in a Nutshell

  • Structured weekly workshops & check-ins
  • Coaching by experienced tech founders
  • Problem/solution fit required for eligibility


Product development, customer and sales acquisition, business consulting, and more.

No-cost Business Consulting To Start Your Business

When you’re ready to make your dream a reality, we’re here to help.

Looking for one-on-one feedback? Missouri SBDCs across the region provide local and virtual confidential, no-cost consulting to help businesses start and grow in southern Missouri. Schedule a call today to learn how we can help.

No-cost Business Consulting To Grow Your Business

Growth is opportunity. Let us help you overcome challenges so you can excel.

Looking for one-on-one feedback? Missouri SBDCs across the region provide local and virtual confidential, no-cost consulting to help businesses start and grow in southern Missouri. Schedule a call today to learn how we can help.

Regional Business Mentor Network

Our Mentorship Network connects you to experienced business professionals with a wide range of expertise. Receive honest advice and practical feedback during one-on-one mentorship meetings. All information shared in mentorship meetings is confidential.



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