From Idea to Launch And Growth

As seasoned tech entrepreneurs, we understand firsthand the commitment and resources it takes to get an idea off the ground. That’s why our tech startup pipeline consists of four distinct programs strategically designed to maximize your potential for learning, growing and funding as you progress along your journey. We’ve also wrapped in no-cost coaching, professional services like software development, lead generation, and ongoing consulting as core components of our startup pipeline.
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Startup Programs

We offer a program for you to be successful in every stage of your journey. Bounce My Big Idea is the first step for entry into our pipeline of startup programs.

Bounce My Big Idea

REquired 4-WEEK pre-work
Establishing your idea is a great first step, but is it worth pursuing? This workshop gives you access to leading tools and expert coaching to stress test whether your idea is capable of being a successful business, before you develop the wrong product or launch a failed business model.

120-Day Tech Startup

16 Weeks
What drives customers to switch to or seek out your product? In 120-Day Startup, our seasoned coaches help you understand customer journeys, create prototypes for you to demo and sell before you build your product, and prepare you to raise pre-seed and angel capital to launch your company on a customized path to success.


24 Weeks
We provide coaching and an innovative set of structured no-cost services to help promising tech startups launch, go to market, and gain traction. Companies who successfully complete the 120-Day Startup, or similar programs or demonstrated progress, with pre-seed funding, are eligible.


24 Weeks
We help companies who successfully complete our Pre-accelerator (or similar program and demonstrated traction) accelerate customer acquisition and sales, and plan for continued product and business development success.

Still Have Questions?

We Can Help
The journey from idea to launch and growth isn't always a straight path. Wherever you are in your journey, we're happy to chat and determine how we can help. Schedule time with our startup team.

More Resources

Our programs, services, and resources go beyond our tech startup pipeline. From small business expertise to tech and education training programs and even funding opportunities for potential investors, we have multiple resources to tap into.

Small Business Services

Not a good fit for our startup programs? Check out our small business resources! We can help with product development, customer and sales acquisitions, business consulting, mentoring, and more.

Funding Opportunities

We use an innovative co-investment model combining charitable contributions in our ever-green nonprofit fund with investment from limited partners and other accredited investors outside our region, deploying Pre-seed and Seed funding to tech startups in southern Missouri as they move through critical phases of development.

Missouri Technology Corporation Infrastructure Grant Program for Innovate SOMO

The objective of the Physical Infrastructure Grant Program is to provide state funding to support the following physical infrastructure needs within the state:
  • Flexible and below-market-rate commercial office space, including co-working spaces, private offices, meeting rooms, and access to high-speed internet, in regions where entrepreneurs lack access to these resources;
  • Specialized or sector-specific services, facilities, and other infrastructure, including but not limited to wet lab space and Sensitive Compartmented Information Facilities (SCIF), that would otherwise be unavailable in an area/region; and
  • Infrastructure that is broadly recognized as a center for entrepreneurship for the community/region, helping elevate the role of innovation and entrepreneurship in the economy.