Digital Talent Pipeline

Our full pipeline creates a flow of skilled digital talent for local employers by providing accessible training to potential employees at different stages of life.

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5th - 8th Grade

Coding Education

The Youth Coding League provides innovative, project-based introduction to computer science using a youth extracurricular sports model.


Coding And Cyber Training

Accessible, immersive training of employable, entry-level skills with wraparound services, hands-on real-world experiences, and ongoing mentoring and support.

H.S. Career & Tech Ed

Coding And Cyber Training

High school seniors complete the same skills training as re-skilling adults, integrated into CTE programs. Training is provided by professional technicians.

Get Started

Innovate SOMO provides employable entry-level skills and real-world experience for aspiring software developers and cybersecurity specialists from all backgrounds and regions.

Connected. Experienced. Authentic Leadership.

We run in-person and virtual classes across southern Missouri from Cape Girardeau to Springfield and many places in between. Key to our system's success are the relationships we maintain with employers in southern Missouri. Our technical leaders actively communicate with businesses about student projects and apprenticeships as well as on contract-based work. We strive for each of our educators to have a leading role on at least one professional web application or native mobile application at all times. We like our technical leaders to be informed, empowered, and engaged for students at every point in their learning process.
We designed our training model to emphasize connections between regional employers and graduates or soon-to-be graduates of the program. Additionally, a supportive community of businesses and subject matter experts provide knowledge, leadership, and skills training along the way for trainees.

Our training Approach

Train Local Talent

  • Local workers are more loyal
  • Serve new learners and existing professionals
  • Lower recruiting costs and reduce churn
  • Increase high-growth company starts and attraction

Increase Access To Training

  • Start teaching skills earlier
  • Remove barriers to attract socially and economically distressed individuals
  • Provide alternatives to higher education
  • Immerse students in employable skills training

Go Beyond Boot camps

  • Engage employers and use their needs to drive the process
  • Increase skill depth and breadth
  • Train like professionals work: skills, scrum teams, employer projects
  • Focus on immediate employment and long-term occupational success

Connect with Employers And customers

  • Coordinate employer capstone projects
  • Provide paid work experiences and apprenticeships to extend training
  • Create off-ramps to employment, training, and further education
  • Connect students to regional mentors and colleagues


Adult training and youth education programs that are accessible and affordable for all.

Become A Full Stack Developer

Code Labs is a comprehensive 12-month software developer training program driven by local employers providing hands-on skill training and supported by a local community of professionals.

Employer Driven Training

  • Regional employers provide code instructors and program support
  • Regional employers provide capstone projects, mentorship, and support


  • Adult part-time reskilling programs provided at no cost
  • Fully virtual and blended classroom delivery options

Paid Experience & Employment

  • Paid work experiences and apprenticeships available to gain added professional experience
  • Contractual and full-time employment placement opportunities

Community of Practice

  • Instruction and extensive support by local software developers
  • Post graduation extended training and portfolio development

Youth Coding—Accessible for All

The Youth Coding League (YCL) is a fully packaged, co-curriculum program, built in Southeast Missouri for rural and urban schools and community organizations that provides access to all 5th-8th graders to computer science and coding skills, regardless of their background or academic standing.


  • Afterschool fall and spring semesters, with certified school coaches and transportation providing access to all students regardless of location
  • Fee based program with no-cost to schools/clubs where need exists

Designed for All Backgrounds

  • Curriculum designed to appeal to students with varied interests and backgrounds including students not interested in video gaming or robots

Multi-state Competitions

  • Postseason playoffs with over 2,000 students from eight states
  • Amazing prizes and awards