Why Bounce Your Idea?

Most startups fail because they develop products that customers don’t actually want to buy. In Bounce My Big Idea, you’ll join other aspiring tech entrepreneurs to stress test, or as we say, BOUNCE your idea off of proven tools and assessments before you invest time and resources into the wrong thing.

In this four-week, cohort-based, online workshop, you’ll work directly with experienced tech entrepreneurs and coaches to ensure your idea is capable of being a successful business. Each week building on the last, you’ll learn new methods for testing the desirability, viability and feasibility of your tech idea. At the end of the four weeks, not only will you feel clarity about your idea, you’ll have a new set of tools to continue working on your business, or maybe even discover your next Big Idea worth pursuing!

After successfully completing Bounce My Big Idea, you'll be eligible to participate in 120-Day Tech Startup where we’ll help you further validate your business model; design, develop and demo a prototype; acquire customers; and prepare to raise pre-seed and angel capital to launch your company.

Our next workshop kicks off February 20. Let's Bounce!

Why It Works

Utilizing the LeanStack platform and methodology, you’ll learn new concepts and apply them in real time to your tech idea. Combined with live workshops and personalized coaching and feedback, you’ll work through step-by-step activities each week to produce new data-backed insights as you progress through the program. Consider these four weeks a foundational investment into your self as a tech entrepreneur. Sound exciting? We think so! Let’s get into it!


Before you waste time writing a business plan or rushing out to seek support for your solution idea, we’ll help you deconstruct it into a set of assumptions you can test. Your business model describes how your product creates, delivers, and captures Monetizable Value from its customers.


Most business models fail due to false assumptions about customers. If you guess wrong about the desirability of your solution up front, everything else falls apart. We’ll help you laser focus on customer segments, the lack of existing satisfactory solutions to their problems, and understand what causes them to switch to your product.

Forecast Your Idea's Financial Potential

The financial forecasts in most business plans are little-more-than wild guesses. We’ll help you rapidly test variants of your business model to determine if it can meet the minimum success criterion to be viable and attain the financial benchmarks required by you and your potential investors.

Craft Your Business Model Pitch

Now that you've stress-tested and refined your business models, you’re ready to show the potential of your business! We’ll help you chart a realistic traction roadmap, built on a high-level, go-to-market strategy, that clearly defines key milestones and becomes the backbone for your business model story pitch.

Bounce My Big Idea in a Nutshell

100% Virtual

Live, Weekly workshops

1:1 Coaching And Feedback

Tools For a Lifetime

Upcoming Workshop Dates

Session One

February 20 - March 12, 2024

Applications close February 14 for Session One

Session Two

March 19 - April 9, 2024

Applications close March 13 for Session Two

What Others Are Saying

“There was a lot of value in the program. The Codefi team helped us identify our blind spots related to our strategy and assisted us in crystallizing the value proposition. We also tightened up our customer segmentation which was powerful in strengthening the positioning of our solution. We walked out of each week with new takeaways.”
- Shawn Finger, Owner of Third Story Studio and Allison Cash, Chief Commercial Officer of Finlays
"When we started Vendoor, a SaaS suite for retail and construction vendor management, we looked at all of the entrepreneur support organizations and tech ecosystems on both coasts and in between. We feel confident in saying that the Codefi team is an amazing resource for aspiring entrepreneurs across southern Missouri and their impact on the local technology industry is why we founded here and why we are growing here."
- Adam Davis, Co-founder of Vendoor
“I moved to Springfield in 2004 from what is known as the tri-state area – the intersection where Wall Street meets and sleeps at night at Greenwich, CT, and Bernardsville, NJ. Some could have said at the time that I was leaving one of the most innovative, resource-rich locations in the country. What could I possibly find in the Ozarks?” Mark continued, “What I’ve found, years later, is Codefi and their startup resources. It was worth the wait and just in time for this new venture. Codefi is exactly what we need to help us turn our concept into a full-fledged business.”
- Mark Steiner, Co-founder & CEO of GigSalad


Bounce My Big Idea is the required pre-work for entry into the 120-Day Tech Startup program. If you are eligible and decide to apply, your application for Bounce My Big Idea will also be used for the 120-Day Tech Startup program. Admission is limited.
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